NATIONAL DAY CALENDAR: National Eat a Hoagie Day

Welcome to September 14th on the National Day Calendar.

Most foods are known by just one name, but the submarine sandwich varies widely by region.

Depending on where you live, you may call it a sub, hero, or grinder. But did you know the name hoagie goes back to World War I? During that time in Philadelphia there were a lot of Italian immigrants working the shipyards on Hog Island and they were known for packing delicious sandwiches for lunch.

The sandwiches became known as hoagies in honor of the island where they worked.

Though the Philly accent probably explains how hoagies became hoagies, a sandwich by any other name will taste just as delicious.

Celebrate National Eat a Hoagie Day with a sandwich of your own, but be prepared to change up the name depending on where you live.

Today we also celebrate National Live Creative Day, National Boss Employee Exchange Day, National Virginia Day, National Cream Filled Donut Day, and National Sober Day.

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