Soccer: Legacy spreading the field to score goals

Legacy is one of the top soccer teams in the WDA this season, and a big part of their success is the midfield.

The Sabers’ returned all three of their starting midfielders this season, and the team has scored 31 goals on the year. One of the key reasons for their success is the ability to use the entire width of the field to move the ball around, something that Sabers emphasized going into the season.

“We have a tendency because our midfield is kind of taking over that we just like to play right through the middle,” midfielder TJ Siedel said. “If we can get those outside guys more involved this year it’s going to help us, because then we’re not as predictable, and it just helps us all around because then it creates space for everyone. As long as we can use width on the field we’re good.”

Legacy will be back on the field tomorrow against Minot.

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