Health experts have a warning for young adults as coronavirus cases surge in colleges

Goals for staying healthy and fit in college fall to the bottom of the list for most students, but as coronavirus cases increase around the state, doctors are warning people to take their health seriously.

Students in college have packed schedules and many responsibilities. Between classes and extracurricular activities, things can be a little hectic.

“Because I’m a student-athlete we do weights in the morning and practice at night time, and then we have class throughout the day,” Cheneill Lymer, an MSU Student.

Students at MSU with a full plate, like Cheneill who says it’s hard to stay healthy and be active.

“We all have these goals to be healthy and it’s easy at first but then it all kind of catches up to you and you just get tired so. It can be hard,” said another student, Charlie Tate.

With coronavirus cases surging at colleges and universities, health experts are reminding people that having a strong immune system can help fight off viruses. One doctor we spoke with says with the “twin-demic” around the corner, it’s the perfect time to take your health seriously.

“So working out helps circulate the blood more. It helps you stay healthier, it helps your muscles get more oxygen which can help. Vitamin C can also help,” said Dr. Saleem.

And it doesn’t have to be that hard. She says 30 minutes a day of working out and healthy snacking is all it takes.

We spoke to one official at Minot State who says they are making sure students have just that.

“We have an amazing state of the art wellness center. We’ve got a really good cafeteria and a lot of different options for food and healthy food choices,” said Melissa Fettig, director of Student Health.

So the next time you have some downtime or in between studying, take a break and enjoy a nice walk around campus.

Dr. Saleem adds that practicing healthy food habits and working out can be easier when you do it with a friend.

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