New Native American Caucus in North Dakota Dem-NPL party

A new caucus has been created within the North Dakota Dem-NPL.

The Democratic-NPL of North Dakota said The Native American Caucus was created as a way to give indigenous people representation within North Dakota politics.

The application was brought forth by Representative Ruth Buffalo out of District 27, MHA member Prairie Rose Seminole and the president of Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College Dr. Twyla Baker.

The goal is to engage tribal members in politics, educate people and support indigenous people.

“I think by default as Native Americans we are educators because our true history is not taught in the history books,” Representative Ruth Buffalo said. “So, I think this caucus will provide an opportunity for educating not only ourselves but each other even within the DEM-NPL and across the state of North Dakota,” Buffalo said.

“We want people to have a place to get that political education, but also nurture their own potential, whether they’re going to be an organizer for the state’s census or an organizer for a political party or maybe run for office some day,” Prairie Rose Seminole said.

The caucus already has more than 40 members with representation from all four tribal nations in North Dakota.

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