NATIONAL DAY CALENDAR: National Bobblehead Day

Welcome to January 7th on the National Day Calendar.

Bobbleheads have been around since the 18th Century. They were first brought to Europe from China, where they were known as nodding head figures or temple nodders. But the kind that we know today, first became popular in the 1960s, when sports teams created bobbleheads depicting their mascots and famous players.

Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays were among the earliest athletes to be immortalized. Then in 1964, the first modern bobbleheads that didn’t depict an athlete were made of the Beatles, which are still some of the most sought after by collectors today. Now, you can find a bobblehead of just about anyone famous.

On National Bobblehead Day, you can even get a custom one made of yourself, as long as you don’t let it go to your head.

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