NATIONAL DAY CALENDAR: National Marzipan Day

Welcome to January 12th on the National Day Calendar.

During the Middle Ages, marzipan made its way from the Middle East to Europe, where it was sold in pharmacies. Doctors even recommended marzipan as a medicine for treating physical and mental ailments. This made marzipan a favorite amongst the royalty, who couldn’t resist this candylike cure. What made it so appealing was that the paste made from almonds, sugar and water was easy to mold and could be used for decorating desserts.

Marzipan is now shaped into everything from fruits and flowers to animals, and is a favorite for holidays like Christmas and New Years.

If you received a marzipan pig this year, count it as a very lucky omen.

On National Marzipan Day celebrate this treat that lets you play with your food.

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