Bill would prevent businesses from refusing to accept cash

With more and more transactions happening online or with a credit card, one bill would protect North Dakota from becoming a completely cashless state.

House Bill 1229 would prohibit businesses from refusing to take cash. Fargo Republican Representative Ben Koppelman sponsored the bill and says many people spend only cash for various reasons, including money management, lack of a bank account and for older populations — it’s just what they’re used to.

There are some exceptions to the bill, for instance, cash can be refused if it’s a denomination larger than $20, or if the establishment suspects it’s counterfeit, among a few other conditions.

“As of now, I’m not aware of many North Dakota businesses moving completely away from cash, and therefore I believe now is the time to address this issue of cash acceptance. This way there is no burden placed on businesses to change their practices if the bill passes,” Koppelman said.

Of those who submitted testimony in opposition, the North Dakota Retail Association says it has concerns the bill would involve government too much in private business decisions.

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