Nearly $10,000 in technical gear meant for Wilton Fire Department stolen

Almost $10,000 worth of technical gear meant for the Wilton Fire Department was stolen.

Around 4 a.m., the thief was caught on camera, taking the shipment from a contractor’s Mandan home.

The suspect was able to make off with the 70-pound package.

Wilton Fire Department Lieutenant, Wayne Klein, says they have been waiting since October for this gear to arrive.

“First reaction was a bummer because we’re back to square one. It took that long, and I’m hoping to have that gear back and replaced. Or reordered hopefully by springtime for auto wildland fires and auto extrication,” said Klein.

A sales representative for Alex Air Apparatus, one of Wilton’s suppliers, says this is a first for them but they are determined to make things right.

“Our company’s been in business for 33 years and across five states, we’ve never had anything like this. I guess we’ll just have to change some shipping procedures and change how we do things in the future,” said Jared Hopkins.

The department is asking people to keep their eyes open for signs of the stolen package and to reach out to the police department if they notice anything suspicious in the Mandan High School residential area.

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