HS Hockey: Minot boys looking to make it to the regional championship for the first time in 6 years

The Magicians are looking to get back to the region championship for the first time since 2016, but they know that won’t be an easy task.

This season, the Magi are increasing their physical play week by week, which they feel will help them win games this postseason.

“If you’re physical in the first and second period and by the time you get to the third period it kind of wears on you,” said co-head coach Jason Bennett. “It’s almost like a football game, run the ball and then the fourth quarter that’s where you make your money.”

The Magicians are locking in on the defensive end of the ice, led by Tre Sortland — who has a save percentage of 90.

“We got to be really good in our D zone because that’s where everything starts. It’s through the D zone and work on offense after,” said senior defensemen Riley Opperude. “I think it’s the most important part of our game.”

“It’s very important to our team. Without defense then it’s hard to win games especially if you struggle with offense,” adds Morelli. “If you have defense first then you can go score.”

Bennett says the team is being more aggressive on the offensive end.

“We are starting to get to the net and we’re starting to shoot the puck and we scored about 30 goals in the last four games and that’s something we struggled with earlier,” explained Bennett.

Minot believes their secret weapon — Magi Mania — could help them go deep this post season.

“I think we feed off the crowd, It kind of like when Hulk Hogan was wrestling all of those Hulk-a-Manics and our guys are buying into that and feeding off the crowd and we want to see a good one,” said Bennett.

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