WDA Basketball: Century still finding ways to improve during their perfect season

The Century Patriots have essentially locked up the top spot in the WDA tournament, an undefeated basketball season so far, but what is more impressive is the improvements they have made since the start of the season.

The stats are eye-opening when you look at the Century girl’s basketball team. First in points per game scored, as well as given up. It’s no question why they have a perfect record nearing the end of the regular season.

“We’re seeing things so well,” says head coach Ron Metz. “We have some girls that just see the floor so well, and that’s starting to get contagious with some other players. We’re seeing some of our younger players make plays that at the beginning of the year, they weren’t making.”

That blend in the lineup is fostering a team that can make in game adjustments.

“We really just focus on the little things,” says senior Ashton Kinnebrew. “And I think the leadership on the team helps with that a lot. At halftime, we try to pick each other up and not look at how bad we did, but how we can get better.”

And they are improving as the season goes, their margin of victory against top teams like Legacy and Watford City better the second time they’ve played them.

“Our per game averages are dropping a little bit in the second round of playing teams,” says Metz. “It’s more difficult to defend them, they know what you’re going to do. You just hopefully can take a few things away from them and keep that average low.”

The Patriots feel more in-synch than ever, especially between the players and coaches.

“I think it’s the strength of our coaches,” says senior Makayla Anderson. “If we’re not able to identify a problem with ourselves, they’re really good about doing that, and bring up the best way to fix that problem and adapt to it.”

And now, with at least two home games at the WDA tournament this season, the Patriots look forward to filling the Olson in a few weeks.

“It’s definately a big advantage to be playing on our home gym, and it’ll be a lot of fun,” says Kinnebrew.

“Just being able to have the last couple of home games before it’s all done, and I think we really excited for it,” says Anderson. “No matter where we play, as long as we have each other, we’re good.”

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