Social Distancing: Help Name MN Snowplows

The MN DOT Is Letting Us Vote On Names For 8 Snowplows Around The State

Here’s a way to have some fun with winter without ever have to step outside in it.

You can be in control of what the Minnesota DOT calls their snowplows. They’re holding a contest to name snowplows across the state.
You have until February 26th to vote.
Then they’ll name winners and rename a snow plow in each of the DOT’s eight districts.
You can vote for up to eight names in the contest, but boy that’s a tough task.

There are some good ones. A lot of local references too.
Plow Bunyan. Babe the Orange Plow.
I count at least three Prince-themed plow names. I’m partial to Raspberry Brrr-et.
Twins fans can pick Joe Plow-er, Justin Moresnow or Road Carew.
There are a few Native American names. I’d love to see that.
But I think my favorite one is there on the left. Duck Duck Orange Truck.

Click here to go vote. And let me know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

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