North Dakota Lawmaker Under Fire for Offensive Behavior

Bismarck, ND (KEYZ/KFGO) A State lawmaker from Dickinson paints himself as a committed family man Thursday, in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior leveled by several female employees of the Legislative Council.

“I’m very friendly. I’m very outgoing. I’ve been accused of being flirtatious all of my life. The truth is, ladies, I could puke thinking about being with anybody besides my wife; I think it’s literally disgusting. I’ve trained my brain to think that way. I treat women . . . I would hope with respect. I was raised that way. I don’t touch women that aren’t my wife including my own sister-in-laws but I treat them as co-equal.”

Republican Representative Luke Simons, a rancher and barber, says the accusations, including those of one council employee who claims that Simons massaged her shoulders and made comments about women’s underwear, are false.

Documents detailing the allegations were released to our news partners at KFGO after an open records request.

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