Mike’s Full Forecast 2/28/2021

Lots going on this week in terms of weather in North Dakota! Bottom line is, it will be pleasant. Temperatures are going to be well above average for your work week. This is thanks to a center of high pressure that is behind a system moving through our region.

As this high pressure center moves to the southeast, our winds will begin to shift from the south, and really raise our temperatures. It is also pushing cloud cover and precipitation to the southeast.

West of that center of high pressure is a warm front that will raise our temperatures even more! There may be some cloud cover associated with that, but the clouds will mainly stick around the international border.

The best chance for any precipitation will be Sunday night before that high pressure center helps clear those clouds out of our area.

Again, it is going to be a very mild week for most of us, so make sure to enjoy it!

-Meteorologist Mike Dandrea

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