North Dakota House votes to give lawmakers more time to overturn a veto by the governor

The House finished up voting on legislation leftover from before crossover.

One of those resolutions would allow the legislature to meet after the session for up to 20 days to consider bills or items vetoed by the governor. It would also allow for the legislature to meet for up to 20 days to address an emergency or other urgent situations.

Those 20 days would not be counted in the total 80 days the Constitution allots the legislature for its biennial sessions.

“It’s simple to understand — 20 more days in an emergency like a pandemic or to overturn a veto. It’s still limited in scope, so by a 9-5 vote, GVA gave a do pass to House Concurrent Resolution 3005,” Rep. Vicky Steiner said.

The resolution passed 78 to 13.

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