North Dakota Senate kills bill allowing for unlicensed cosmetology work

North Dakota lawmakers killed a bill on Wednesday allowing those without cosmetology licenses to do freelance work.

Right now, state law requires 1,800 hours of training at cosmetology school to legally do hair and makeup. The new bill would have eliminated that requirement, allowing for someone to become a “niche beauty services provider” as long as they take a four-hour course in safety and infection control.

Freelancers say current law makes work that’s legal in Minnesota a crime in North Dakota and creates barriers to enter the beauty industry. But, licensed cosmetologists say that training is crucial for client safety, and now is not the time to roll back regulations.

“Why would the state allow individuals to simply become makeup artists and hairstylists and eyelash technicians with only four hours of training and no regulations under this chapter?” Sen. Richard Marcellais said.

Despite dying in the Senate 4 to 43, the bill succeeded in the House last month by a vote of 86 to 7.

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