American Cancer Society applauds state Senate for protecting smoke-free law

North Dakota senators voted to protect the statewide smoke-free law.

Wednesday, the Senate voted 23 to 24 in opposition to exempt cigar lounges and bars that sell cigars from the statewide smoke-free law.

According to the CDC, roughly 1,000 North Dakotans die from tobacco use, every year.

A state member of the American Cancer Society tells KX News the current law is to protect people from potential death and disease caused by exposure to second-hand smoke and if this bill were to ever be passed then it would be a setback.

“You know, you kind of think back in history where workers were continuously exposed to second-hand smoke and the effect it has in terms of health and cancer. So, we definitely don’t want to step back in time and have places of employment where workers are exposed to that,” Sara Mannetter said.

Mannetter says this is the second time this bill has been turned down.

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