House Committee holds hearing on annual legislative sessions

Annual legislative sessions was one of the topics presented in a House Committee hearing Thursday.

Senate Bill 2218, if passed, would allow North Dakota lawmakers to meet every year instead of every two.

In the odd-numbered years, the session would continue as a normal meeting in committee, presenting bills and passing them.

The even-numbered years would then be used to adopt things like a biennial state budget and pass actions.

One of the bill’s sponsors, Sen. Brad Bekkedahl, says it would allow for them to react better to changes in the economy.

“In my first two sessions here, I’ve seen both extremes. One session with record revenues and one with record reductions and spending. Secondly, Mr. Chairman, if mistakes are made in legislation that require correction we live with the mistake or suffer the consequences for as much as 20 months before the next biennium session opens,” shared Bekkedahl.

No action was taken on the bill.

There is a sunset clause attached, meaning if passed it would make it like a pilot program in the year 2022.

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