North Dakota Senate defeats gas tax bill

The wheels fell off a bill that would have raised North Dakota’s gas tax.

After passing in the House, a proposal to tax drivers 3 more cents per gallon at the pump was defeated in the Senate.

North Dakota’s gas tax has been 23 cents per gallon since 2005.

The legislation was expected to bring in about $40 million for road improvements over the next two years. But opponents of the bill say other money could fund those projects — like incoming federal dollars, according to Sen. Rich Wardner.

“We’ll be working to use that money in the best way possible – and I believe that if we can spend it on infrastructure on roads, we will, I believe that there will be more coming. I do not think that we have to raise any taxes,” said Wardner (R-Dickinson).

The bill failed by a vote of 16 to 29.

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