Efforts ongoing to put marijuana on the ballot

North Dakota Senate leaders voted on Tuesday to revive discussion over putting a constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana on the ballot.

This comes after the Senate handily defeated a bill to legalize the drug last week, opting to leave the decision up to citizen-led initiatives. The Senate’s delayed bills committee met for the first time this session to consider the last-ditch legislation to put the question of legalization up to the voters before citizens write a potentially more far-reaching bill.

Sen. Dick Dever, who voted against the legalization bill, HB 1420, introduced the new resolution to put the idea up to the public.

“It is very simple. It’s 18 words. It’ll go on the ballot. It will provide people the opportunity to express their opinion on whether or not marijuana should be legalized in the state of North Dakota,” Dever said.

The delayed bills committee voted 3 to 2 in favor of the resolution, and it’ll now be referred to another committee for further hearings. The bill would need the OK by both chambers to make it on the ballot, and since it’s a resolution, it would not need the governor’s signature.

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