Carpio woman arrested, accused of defrauding family out of over $1 million worth of land

A Carpio woman was arrested on Thursday for allegedly defrauding a family out of over $1 million worth of land.

Susan Coons, 52, is accused of defrauding a family out of $1,048,000 worth of land in Ward and Mountrail Counties.

She’s been the target of an investigation by the Ward County Sheriff’s Department, the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigations and the Mountrail County Sheriff’s Department.

Coons is charged with forgery, deceptive writings, unauthorized use of personal identifying information, and fraudulent or misleading communications in Ward County; and two counts of forgery, two counts of deceptive writings, and one count of violation of a disorderly conduct restraining order in Mountrail County.

She was booked in the Ward County Jail.

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