Bella’s Dulce Sweets & Treats: Fargo girl inspires others to give back

One young Fargo girl is doing her part to inspire others to give back to the community while focusing on her love of dogs.

FARGO, N.D- (KVRR) – The smile explains it all. Bella Garcia and her mom Rosalinda are making a difference in the community by putting their baking skills to use.

“Me and her always made like pretzels and chocolate covered strawberries I thought can like sell those and make stuff for the homeless and give them to churches and stuff so they can have a better life,” Bella stated.

She decided to take her allowance and baked goodies that she makes into care packages. Bella has donated them to the new life center and to the YWCA.

“I saw a couple of homeless kids and I felt bad and I said can they live with us and she said no,” Bella explained.

After seeing how the homeless are living in the community, Bella had it in her heart to make a change. Her mother says that she is just amazed at how creative and caring her daughter is.

“She surprises me. I don’t know I’m speechless honestly she’s a role model to me because not a lot of eight year old’s can do this,” Her mom, Rosalinda said. 

This campaigning gives the mother and daughter duo time to bond and to be thankful for family. Bella also has a great love for dogs and The García’s donated plenty of goodies to 4Luv of Dog Rescue organization living by her motto..

“To help Fargo be a better place,” said Bella.

If you want to learn more about “Bella’s Dulce Sweets & Treats” you can go to her Facebook page for more information.

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